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Casino Slots Machines

Slot machines (called just slots). One of most pleasurable and satisfying games that casinos offers. Why? It is very simple, just look at the advantages:

Possibility of cheap game for pennies. Game doesn't require concentration, you can play in mechanical way. Even small budget let you play by an hours. Tempting high prizes.

Unfortunately, slots machines fully deserves for that name, because also in this case we collide with cold statistic, which predetermine how many winnings this machine can pay. And believe me - he never pay more than he take.

Success of winning is somewhere else - in luck or like you will - observation. If a lot of people lose before us and jackpot has grown to big size it is a sign that machine already earn their money and now is ready to pay something.

Another advantage if you like to play slots machines - - it will let you dream about richness for a long time. There is always a chance that your 1$ will break to bank and turn into a million dollar!

Casino slots - systems and ways of play

First of all - observation. Like I mention in paragraph above it is worth to play in slots machines which earn money in recent games. If you play in pub it is easy to check (sit near the machine and see how much money somebody lose) and in online casino it is harder. But a good clue is level of offers jackpots. But even here it is not so simple. In some slots casinos there is much more easy to win if jackpot is huge ("machine earned some money and will pay some") and in others it easier to win when jackpot is small ("distribute more to players want to play").

Secondly - if you want to play slots machines, do it only online. Slots machines in pubs and casinos have almost 2 x statistic returns. It is simply - their owners are not afraid of competition and turn it up to allowing for pay for example 30% of all thrown money. In online slots casinos ratio of payout is almost 97%! Three of them I will present you in section "where to play".

Thirdly - if you can stop some reels, it is worth to use it. Much more easier will drawing to the sequences, than hit them from nothing.

Fourth - search for the games with tournaments, like Grand Slam Slots on Unibet. Because of that you have chance to some extra prizes from general classification, which statistically provide an advantage over the casino.

And finally the fifth - if play in casino slots you can try to use some mathematical systems of choosing stakes (we talked about it in section "mathematical systems"). Unfortunately in multi-line slots, calculation of relevant stakes is not so easy.