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Where is the best place to play?

According of conservative calculation there is over 5000 of online casinos. Each of them offers you a lot of promotion, high jackpots, nice graphs and a million of flashing banners. How to turn up in this huge amount of promotion and which casino chooses? I will try to give you some advices.

When choice is difficult, you should reverse the question and choose places where you shouldn't play. It is easy, because for the beginning you need to eliminate companies without good reputation. If you are going to make a deposit and spend some time at the game, you need to be sure that you really can win! So we eliminated every casino that no one had heard about it.

Second criterion is available withdrawal methods. You can trust me - it is everywhere easy to make a deposit! Problems start when we want to withdraw our money. Unfair companies will do everything to discourage us - by allows an idiotic ways of withdraw (for example post check) or by requested to send dozen of documents (what the hell they want to do with my gas bill?!).

Reputable casinos

By using earlier mentioned criteria we are left with a little of companies that are worth to play. Companies known in the world, noted on stock exchange, solvent, with fast deposit and withdrawal. I recommended only two places. It is worth to try both of them.


CasinoEuro exist since 2002 and the company that is its owner existed for 40 years. Games offered by Casino Euro are regulated and controlled by European Union which gives 100% of security and honesty.

Another plus of Euro Casino is independence. We can try all games absolutely for free and we don't need to install them (we play in browser). We can choose a game which gives us biggest pleasure and which let us earn some money after few hours of game.

And finally - great sign up bonuses, monthly bonuses and loyalty bonuses. For the beginning EuroCasino offers 50% bonus from first deposit up to 222 EURO, what gives you maximum 111 EURO. CasinoEuro Bonus is added to your account immediately and you can already play with this bonus.

After that at every month you can get 30% for every deposit up to 100 EURO (it gives you 30 EURO of bonus). And finally the loyalty bonus - up to 60 EURO. The best players can also expect for special VIP bonuses.

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Unibet Casino

Unibet is one of most recognized gambling companies in the world and is the winner of a lot of industries prizes. For 13 years of their exist Unibet won the trust from over 5 millions of users in 100 countries. At Unibet Casino players can make a choose from over 200 games, and there is also possibility to play for free.

New players in Unibet casino will get a promotion - up to 100 EURO absolutely for free. You just need to do a deposit and it will be immediately double up! Interesting is fact that Unibet has two independence casinos, so you can get this bonus twice!

There are also an astronomical jackpots, let's mention about few of them - Arabian Nights 1 500 00 EURO, Mega Fortune Jackpot 2 125 000 EURO and more when 150 000 EURO is a standard. Also few times in a month there are tournaments with prize pool about 25 000 EURO.

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One comment at the end - it is not worth to limit itself to play just in one casino. At first - technical case. Everybody have their own preferences about navigation and colors. Secondly, the practical case - every casino have their own start bonus and this the easiest way to earn money, so you should use it all. And finally - it is worth to changing the casinos just to renew your luck! There is some truth in saying that you have the best result in first few days.