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Roulette game

Wheel roulette is one of most popular casino games in the world. The origins of roulette game are from ancient Greek, but its modern form come into being in 1645. Game in roulette is absolutely random - moves of roulette wheel is determined by laws of mechanics, but because of numbers on the roulette wheel are completely random you can't predict where the ball will drop. The greatest mathematics of the world, including Albert Einstein couldn't find "golden method" for roulette game. It is interesting that the closest from breaking the magic of roulette are scientists from NASA - they have very fast computers, which count every day trajectories of rocket and maybe those will be able to predict where the ball will drops.

Rules of classic roulette game are very simply. At the wheel there is 36 numbers. Players bet on which of them the ball will stop. If you choose bad - you lose. If you choose good - you win and get your stake multiplied by 36. Additionally on the wheel is 0 (in American version additionally 00). Due the fact that it gives 37 numbers and casino pays only 36 x stake - casino have a mathematic advantage and in the long term it will always earn money from the players.

To win roulette there is many options of betting. You have straight-up - a single number of bet ("I bet on 17"). You can bet on whole group of numbers ("I bet on number from 13 to 24") or make simple bets: even/odd numbers, black/red color, 1-18 or 19-36 - and those are called outside bets.

As I mentioned in previous paragraph in roulette game in the long term casino always have a statistic advantage over the players. In European casinos this advantage is 2,7% (one square with 0) and in American casinos advantage increases to 5,26% (roulette have another square 00). By playing thousand of bets in roulette for 1$ we can be sure that we will lose about 30$. You just can't cheat a statistic in long term.

This one of the reasons why it is not worth to play live in casino, but try to play online. Playing online is a special situation - it is turn on our favor. Online casino for start is double up our first deposit (often gives us even 1000$ additional). So by making a bets on roulette for 1000$ (1000x1$) statistically we will lose 30$, but the rest 970$ of win we can withdraw.

Roulette win systems

For the beginning a bad news - in online roulette game a reliable ways doesn't exist! About results always decide a computer, so it is completely random. Word roulette becomes a real meaning.

And now some good news. Unlike a real roulette, an online roulette allows you to use effective methods of stakes management. You don't need to hurry with bettings, and you don't need to count your chips nervously. One click and accurately calculated stake lands on the square. For details go to the section "mathematical systems".