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Blackjack on-line

The popular game Balckjack takes a new meaning in casino! Blackjack on-line is one of most profitable casino games and probably the one where you can win regularly. Of course Black Jack is still a game of chance, but there is many systems of game and because of them we can effort the statistic to work on our favor.

What is it all about? Rules of Black Jack are very simple. Player receive two cards and adds up the sum of this cards. The goal is to hit or to be as close as possibly of sum 21. Player at any time decide that his cards are enough or he will risk and take one card more. The whole difficulty is that if next card will make this sum bigger than 21 he automatically loses (it is called busted).

Ok, let's assume that the sum of player's cards is 15 and he don't want to risk any more. Now it is turn of casino dealer - he also collect a cards. If the sum of dealer's cards will be better than a player's cards (closer to 21) - casino wins.

That was the basic of theory - if you want more specific information go to some other place. I'm going to tell you about something more advanced and helpful - a tactics that will help you to win with casino and earn some money.

Blackjack strategy

When the newbie starts to play in on line Blackjack, casino has the advantage at least 5,48%. However, there exist few strategies that will let you reduced this advantage a lot.

Blackjack Strategy No. 1 - No risk

It is very simple case and whole blackjack strategy is based on one assumption. If you have more than 11 points don't take another card. We hope that value of dealer's cards exceeds 21 and he will lose. It is very simple and easy, and mathematicians have calculated that casino advantage is reduced to 3,91%.

Blackjack Strategy No. 2 - so-called Basic Strategy

It is more complicated solution, consisting in making decisions based on your two cards and dealer's exposed card. The idea of this black jack strategy is that if dealer gets a low card (for example 4) it will be more likely that he will get busted, so we should be satisfy with lower sum of cards. But if dealer has a high card (for example 9) we need to play more risky and gets more cards to hit highest result.

Accurate depending of you need to do is presents in this table:

Is it worth to be bother of remember all of this? Of course! Basic strategy of on-line Blackjack reduced statistic advantage of casino to just a minimal 0,5%. And there is next advantage of on line blackjack - you don't need to remember whole table, you can just print it and look at this before making decision.

Blackjack Strategy No. 3 - Card Counting

It is the hardest strategy to use, but also gives you high level of winning. By using Card Counting with Basic Strategy players provide himself statistic advantage over casino up to 2%!

What is the secret of counting cards? Actually there is only one "secret" - you need to observe what cards were left in the deck - high or low. If in deck left more high cards - tens, figures and aces player have bigger chance to win, and if there left low cards, especially 5 and 6 they increase the casino advantage (it is easier to be busted). Unfortunately you cannot count cards in blackjack on line.

For details of this strategy you should read a book "Beat the Dealer: A Winning Strategy for The Game of Twenty-One" or "Blackjack Secrets". If you want to "borrow" from me those books in txt file, send me an email

Also by playing in Blackjack on-line you can use variable systems of choosing stakes, describe in section "mathematic systems".