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How to beat a casino

Casino wins are based on luck - it is incontrovertible fact. Also like I said in games descriptions, most of casinos have a statistic advantage on the beginning. If we will play thousands of bets statistic will start works and we will lose our money. So where is the sense of this game? Is it possible to win casino?

There are two simply answers. Half of players play in casino not to earn, but for fun and to have a good time. Dreams costs and here as long as you play you can dream about richness and have a hope that fate will smile to you. When you play in lotto did you ever think that you have only 1 on 1.000.000 chances to win something? And if spend a night with friend in pub do you convert that you will lost 100$? No, and this is the rule of casino games - those are expensive that gives you a pleasure in return. And it is all about buying a pleasures in this life.

But there is also a second half of players, which plays only for profit. For them playing in casino is a work and there is no pleasure (probably not a lot of people have pleasure of work). To win they use a various methods of increasing their chances. And if those people exist that means that you can win in casino. And about those kind of methods is this section.

Go to the point, I mean to the methods

In fight with casino you have to skillfully use four weapons: knowledge of rules, the power of statistic, the power of money and psychological resistance.

Knowledge of the rules - it is sounds like truism. But are you sure? Do you know exactly how much the insurance in Blackjack costs? If you decided to play in some game then you need to know everything about it. If you wake up at 5 a.m. you need to be able to answer the question about every detail in rules.

Power of statistic. You need to know about statistic advantage of casino. If you want to beat casino, make money, then choose the game in which casino advantage is smallest and you still can play in it (for example you have an advantage in counting cards in Blackjack, but you also need to do it quickly).

Power of money. This is the most important factor for you. If you have enough money then you will survive everything. You loose your first bet? Play next 2x higher. Did you loose again? Raise again! Visit our section about mathematic systems and choose the one which is good for your budget.

Psychological resistance. For every 100 people playing in casino probably 95 will answer that they are strong mentally. Nonsense! Lack of resistance and being vulnerable to stress are main reasons of losing. Luck is variable and it is important to not pay attention on effect and realize your plan. And probably half of those 95 "resistance" people after couple losing bets increases stakes to win back quickly...