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Mathematic system roulette

Money is your biggest ally. Of course you have only the same chances for win, let's say 48% against 52%, but you have a comfort that next bets you can play with different stakes. And if you will lose two bets for 5 euro and win one for 15 euro, you will earn money even you lose often.

In this section you will find some useful roulette systems of playing in casino. But for the beginning a golden rule, most valuable thought in casino - BE A CONSTSTED. Never ever change stakes during the game, otherwise whole roulette system have no sense.

And one more note - smart players ended game in two moments - when they lose a lot of money or when they win a lot f money. It is all because those two moments makes next decisions harder ("I need to win back quickly" or "I won a lot of money so I can to some crazy things").

Simple progresion